Aged Choices

As I walk down the bustling Elizabeth Street in the heart of Hobart, I walk into a café and stand in line to get my caffeine fix. I notice a group of jovial elderly people sitting sipping their flat whites. Two of them have white canes and the other third one consults his talking watch trying to turn his alarm off, much to his wife’s annoyance.

This simple scene confirmed to me how vital the specialist services from VisAbility Tasmania are in both Hobart and Launceston. This scene also spoke volumes to me as I am a bit of an observer. They represented what VisAbility thrive to instil in our clients. Independence, being part of the community and having the right tools to help you do this.

Man leaning on a fence looking at the camera and smiling

This also got me thinking about the aged care sector. The disability and aged care sector is changing significantly in Tasmania and across the country. Clients now have greater choice and control in terms of who they choose to obtain their services from.

As the ageing population increases, we now find ourselves at a time when we see a significant amount of people over 65 who are or will be transitioning to MyAgedCare funding (link opens in new window).

This can be very daunting for people as they navigate this new system. Asking questions when you’re unsure, knowing what services you’d like to access, and having VisAbility’s support, can be the keys to easily and successfully navigating your transition to MyAgedCare, and ensuring your continued access to your services.

If you are over 65 years old, or 55 years old if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you will need to be registered with MyAgedCare to obtain a Home Care Package if you wish to access any services.

Here at VisAbility Tasmania, we have a range of life changing services including Orientation and Mobility and Assistive Technology to name a few.

It is easy to get started, just follow the below steps.

1. Contact ‘My Aged Care (link opens in new window)to get the ball rolling on 1800 200 422. You will be asked questions over the phone to identify what your needs are.

2. Complete a face-to-face assessment with a My Aged Care assessor. This assessment will determine your eligibility for services and your overall needs.

3. Develop a support plan (with the My Aged Care assessor) identifying your needs for the year.

4. Shop around and choose the relevant service providers you wish to access services from. VisAbility is a registered NDIS provider.

My Aged Care can point you in the right direction, but it is very important you tell your assessor you wish to select VisAbility to access our services. Once all this is in place, you can start access our life changing services.

As there is a waitlist with obtaining a Home Care Package, VisAbility can still provide you with a short term service if your need is urgent.

If you do not wish to go through My Aged Care, you can choose to pay a fee for your services or utilise your private health funds. Remember, VisAbility is here to help you on your My Age Care journey so don’t hesitate to give us a call 1800 484 333 if you need help. We may even shout you a flat white!

Written by Andrew Lyons Manager Specialist Services VisAbility.