COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Tasmania

VisAbility supports the Australian government’s COVID-19 vaccination program. We are monitoring the latest program information released by the Australian Department of Health (link opens in new window).

We will be supporting our clients, their families and everyone in the VisAbility community throughout the vaccination program rollout.

VisAbility staff and clients will be eligible for vaccination stage 1b. This is due to roll out from mid-March onwards.

We encourage all clients and the community to visit the COVID-19 vaccination online resources regularly.

These resources provide lots of information. You can learn more about the priority rollout (link opens in new window), and how you should prepare to receive the vaccination (link opens in new window). There’s targeted information for people with disability (link opens in new window), and you can also access the vaccination eligibility checker (link opens in new window).

The Department of Health has also published a decision guide to help people who are frail or very old (link opens in new window). This guide includes those living in residential age care facilities and their representatives. The information will help them to make a decision about getting a vaccine.

We will be regularly sharing these resources to ensure you can access them easily.
If you have queries or concerns please contact us so we can help you access the latest information for your circumstances.

Let’s support each other and stay safe as we take this positive step towards alleviating the coronavirus pandemic. Keep up to date with our COVID-19 page for more information.

Elizabeth Barnes
Chief Executive Officer
VisAbility Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access information on the vaccination program in an accessible format?

The Australian Department of Health website has a comprehensive collection of resources on the vaccine program. This can be accessed in easy to read formats including audio.

If you are unable to access information in your preferred format please contact our Accessible Information team, so we can assist you.

2. I am feeling anxious about the COVID-19 vaccination program. What can I do?

Make sure you read the latest information from the Australian Department of Health. Speak to your carers, family or friends, so you can discuss your concerns openly. There are some things you can do to prepare to receive the vaccine, if you choose to do so. These are in the COVID-19 vaccination online resources.