Dining with Logan

Image of a man working out in the gym
Logan Shepperd in the gym

This month, 21 year old Logan Shepperd is hosting a Dining in the Dark event to help raise money and awareness for Guide Dogs Tasmania (link opens in new window).

Logan lost his sight 18 months ago, and has been working with our Orientation and Mobility team for the past year to become more independent and active.

Logan will never regain his vision, and hopes that one day he will have the opportunity to use a guide dog, to help retain his freedom.

The cost of a Guide Dog does not come cheap. While Guide Dogs Tasmania rely on fundraising and public donations, Logan thought it would be a great idea to support the organisation that supports him.

This Saturday along with his family and friends he will host the dinner a at SweetNess By the Sea in Wynyard. There will be raffles and auctions and a great opportunity for everyone who has backed Logan to get together.

The sessions have been helping in a really big way,

explains Logan. He has more confidence to get to places like the gym to continue stay fit, healthy, and navigate his way about.