Donate A Device (DAD)

Have you recently upgraded your phone, tablet, laptop or assistive technology?

Launching this Father’s Day, we are asking people to Donate A Device (DAD).

If you have any devices that are in good working order with all the cables, batteries and carry cases we can provide them to those who need them.

DAD donations will assist those blind and vision impaired Tasmanians who are unable to access funding to receive devices that will assist them to live rich and fulfilling lives.

A man holding a magnifier with other items if assistive technology on the table.

Who can you help?

Funding changes over the past few years have made it extremely difficult for elderly people in our community to access technology or adaptive equipment.

This equipment helps people to read their mail, communicate with friends and loved ones and maintain community participation. 

Funding doesn’t always cover the costs for those who need it. There can be long wait times to access these funding sources.

Imagine if you, or a family member, badly needed a magnifier to assist with daily tasks. However, by the time the assessment and funding came through, your vision had changed and that device was no longer appropriate for you. Leaving you without the assistance you require.

How can you help?

Tablets, phones and laptops with the right software and apps can reconnect a person with the outside world.

No plans this Father’s Day?

Why not give DAD a try?

If you have an old device or piece of equipment that you no longer use and it is in good working order, VisAbility can assist with re purposing this item for someone in need.

All you need to do is:

  • Drop it by the Hobart office at 164 Elizabeth Street, during business hours.
  • Fill in a donation form, and you can rest assured your old device will go to someone who will value it.

If you have an item to donate or you’d like more information, please contact Vaughn Bennison by email at , or by phone: (03) 6232 1222. Donate a Device today!

For more information on how we can help you with your assistive technology needs, call us 1800 371 104.