Learn about transitioning to MyAgedCare

Andrew Lyons, Manager, Specialist Services, smiles while wearing a white shirt.
Andrew Lyons, Manager, Specialist Services

“As the ageing population increases, we now find ourselves at a time when we see a significant amount of people over 65 who are or will be transitioning to MyAgedCare funding. This can be very daunting for people as they navigate this new system.” says Manager, Specialist Services, Andrew Lyons.

Though Andrew believes that asking questions when you’re unsure, knowing what services you’d like to access, and having VisAbility’s support, can be the keys to easily and successfully navigating your transition to MyAgedCare, and ensuring your continued access to your services.

Today, Andrew shares with us some important information about MyAgedCare (link opens in new window) which may help you better understand your journey. Andrew and his team have already helped countless VisAbility clients’ transition to the MyAgedCare system, and seen how much they’ve benefited from the continued funding of our services.

For those who aren’t too familiar with this new system, he often describes MyAgedCare as similar to the NDIS, but for over 65-year-olds. If you or someone you know is transitioning to MyAgedCare and would like some assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

“Firstly, MyAgedCare is a government initiative and the main entry point to access services in Australia for people over 65-years-old. This new system means that people will have greater choice and will receive care based on their needs and situation. When you are assessed by MyAgedCare, you will either receive Commonwealth Home Support Program funding or a Home Care Package, depending on your level of needs.

Secondly, the differences between a Home Care Package and Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is significant however they both offer support for you to stay at home. CHSP, funded by the Commonwealth, provides specific services at a basic level of care. Many people start with CHSP and see this as a stepping stone before they go onto receive a Home Care Package. The CHSP service is assessed by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) and allows you to choose from a set menu of basic services including allied health, home modifications and social support. However, flexibility of the range of services covered is limited.

Thirdly, if your care needs increase from this basic level, you can be upgraded to a Home Care Package, which will allow you to live independently at home. Your eligibility is assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The ACAT assessor will be able to see you at home or in hospital to review your needs.

Your application will then be processed and you’ll be advised if you are approved, including the level of funding that has been approved for you. Depending on your needs, packages range from low-level through to a high-level care.

It’s worth noting that due to the waitlist to receive a home care package, it is possible that CHSP finding will cover you while you wait for a Home Care Package. You’ll receive a letter advising when you have reached the top of the queue and your package is available.

It is important that you make your MyAgedCare assessor aware of the services you currently access from VisAbility, or wish to access. It is also important to note that you can pay a fee for your services, instead of going through MyAgedCare funding.

This can be a much quicker option. It is also possible your residential aged care facility has the funds to assist you if you choose to pay a fee for your services, depending on your situation. Remember, we are always here if you would like further information on how VisAbility can support you. To get in touch with our team, please contact us or call us on 1800 484 333.