Making Waves

Woman in a radio studio with ear phones on
Jan Miller at the RPH Print Radio studio.

Never before has communication been more vital in our society. Social distancing has meant we are all looking at alternate ways to connect, engage and receive information. Radio has been an integral tool for sharing important information since the 1900’s.

For decades Tasmanian local Jan Miller has graced the airwaves and behind the scenes at Print Radio Tasmania (link opens in new window), informing listeners across the state.

Community radio station, Print Radio Tasmania provides reading and information services for people, who for various reasons, can’t see, handle or understand material in print.

Becoming a reality

After four years in the making, it was Saturday June 26, 1982 daily programming began at the station. Involved since those early planning days in 1978, Jan is still taking to the airwaves today. Volunteering her time and sharing important information to Tasmanian’s across the state.

Service to people

In recognition for her work, Jan was awarded the Australia Day Honour for ‘service to people who are blind or have low vision’ announced earlier this year.

Jan lost her sight from birth, and experienced firsthand the challenges and prejudices people face in society.

Her advocacy for the rights of those who are blind and vision impaired has helped shaped acceptance within the broader community.

“It’s a real honour. At first when I first found out I got an email, I sat there with the phone in my hands and thought Oh! I don’t really believe all this why me?”

I have done all the things that I have volunteering and because I wanted to do something useful for the community and make things a little better for people.

“You just need to feel that you have done something useful and learnt something along the way as well.”

“I can’t say I wasn’t chuffed about it because I am, but it’s not something you expect, you just get on and do what you want to do and hopefully leave things a little better than when you started.”

The ceremony was due to be held in April has been postponed to a later time due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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