My Cane My Way

Walking through Mona grounds for International White Cane Day. Photo by: Fiona Harding

Technology opening the doors to accessibility for White Cane users in Tasmania

The ‘click click’ sound of the white cane has become synonymous to the sound of independence since its development back in the 1920’s. These days innovation continues and although we still use the humble cane.

Technology has increased at a rapid pace to allow people to tailor and enhance their mobility skills for their own needs.

Taught by our team of Orientation & Mobility (O & M) Specialists the white cane assists with independence and connection to community. To be visible in the wider community. Helping people to do things their way.

On October 15th people around the world acknowledge International White Cane Day to celebrate the independence of those living with sight loss. This year VisAbility celebrated International White Cane Day at Mona to provide an opportunity to see and be seen in the community.

The My Cane My Way campaign comes at a time when individuals who are blind or have limited vision are reaping the benefits of assistive technology.

Roby White and Duncan Meerding in front of the sculpture Confessional at Mona. Photo by: Fiona Harding

Half a million Australians experience sight loss every year and say that assistive technology is their lifeline to the outside world.

Assistive technology is defined as any product that helps maintain or improve an individual function.

VisAbility is visiting Mona (link opens in new window) for this year’s International White Cane Day, some of our local white cane users will experience Mona ‘their way’.

For more information on how we can assist feel free to contact us or call us on 1800 484 333.