Navigating the way to independence 

For Claremont resident Suzanne Sheppard, life couldn’t be better. Since she has moved into in Aveo Derwent Waters, her confidence and independence has soared.

Suzanne sitting on a chair looking at the camera smiling
Suzanne enjoys independence in her home
Last year when her mum, her main carer passed away, she was left in a big house by herself. Suzanne’s low vision meant that there were so many things she couldn’t manage on her own. Luckily Suzanne was accepted into Aveo Derwent Waters. The sale of the family home secured a unit in the community.

“Everything I need is here and it is just perfect. I get help with cleaning. I can walk to the bus stop at the end of the driveway, or to Claremont village where everything I need is right there in walking distance.”

To navigate safely and independently Suzanne received orientation and mobility instruction from VisAbility.

“The lady who trained me in using the cane has helped me with the buses as I often can’t see them coming. You have to get the right one or you could end up anywhere. She made me signs with the big numbers of the bus I want to catch.

I hold them up when the bus is coming and then the driver knows when to stop. There are all sorts of different ways that VisAbility has helped me.”

Suzanne walking in a garden with her mobility cane
Suzanne can navigate around the community independently and safely
VisAbility assisted Suzanne with a range low vision aids for around the home to keep her safe. Tactile markers and bumpons help Suzanne to use her tactile senses to locate buttons on appliances and TV remote.

Suzanne used to burn herself when making cups of tea as she couldn’t see the level of the hot water in the cup, so VisAbility organised a liquid level indicator.

These attach to your cup and notify you audibly when the water reaches a certain level.  She also received magnifiers to help with reading and an ambutech lightweight mobility cane.

VisAbility is awesome.  They have helped me so much, it is just fantastic!

Suzanne Sheppard, VisAbility client.

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