Please note: Due to high demand, we are temporarily closing our referrals and waitlist to this service. We will be referring you on so that you can still receive the services you require​.

Our counsellor can assist with concerns around your emotional well-being, behaviour and/or difficulties within your family or home.

Changes to your vision may have happened overtime or they may have occurred suddenly.

We understand that vision loss can cause the feeling of overwhelm, confusion and sometimes anger with the changes occurring. Some may feel their life has altered, with friends and family not really understanding these changes – if assistance is needed, how much assistance, when, how and where. Verbal assistance may be all that is required.

Having an opportunity to talk about your feelings in relation to your vision changes can often help in understanding what is happening. This support may also assist you to plan and prepare for the future and develop the skills to be safe and as independent, as you feel comfortable.

Support is available in several different ways.

  • Emotional support – empathy, concern
  • Informal support – advice, guidance
  • Companion support – a sense of social belonging
  • Tangible support – services, equipment

These various areas of support can be discussed during a counselling session.

To find out more about our counselling services, get in touch with us today.