Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility specialists support you to move through your environments safely and effectively.

Through orientation and mobility training, you can work out where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there.

Orientation and Mobility specialists are trained specifically to work with people with low or no vision. They facilitate how to move around workplaces, schools and the community.

Orientation and Mobility can support you to:

  • Move confidently through environments
  • Make best use of remaining vision and other senses to find your way
  • Find the safest travel routes to specific destinations such as throughout the home, school shops, work, the doctor, gym, or university
  • Safely and independently cross roads
  • Travel on public transport
  • Use the most appropriate mobility aid to meet your needs, from a cane through to electronic travel aids
  • Develop skills for self-orientation, including using other senses
  • Receive help and support to access the community

This service is provided one-on-one in your home, school, workplace and out in the community. It’s also available remotely through the Remote Orientation and Mobility (ROAM) program.

Our Orientation and Mobility Specialists are accredited with the Orientation and Mobility Association of Australasia (link opens in new window).

To find out more about Orientation and Mobility, get in touch with us today.