Assistive Technology

What is assistive technology (AT)?

Assistive technology, (also known as adaptive technology) are items that help with everyday living, reading, communication, mobility and many other areas. They make things easier or safer to do and aid in letting you live independently.

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Types of assistive technology

Assistive technology can help people living with a vision impairment maintain independence and social inclusion. It can include:

  • Apps for smartphones and devices like iPhones, iPads and Androids
  • Software for magnifying or reading out text on computer screens
  • Devices to convert written text into spoken words

What can assistive technology do?

It can enable people living with vision impairment to:

  • Use a smartphone to navigate, stay in contact, browse social media or play games
  • Access email, browse the internet or other tablet and computer-based tasks
  • Read books, postal mail, recipes and much more.

Our team of specialists can:

  • Provide training in assistive technology
  • Offer advice and information on equipment and devices
  • Organise equipment trials
  • Assist with the installation of software and equipment

Through our onsite and online shop, VisAbility is a leading supplier of assistive technology, adaptive equipment, vision aids and aids to daily living (ADL) for people living with blindness or vision impairment.

How to get support

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