Devil of a time at Hobart Airport

Close up of braille that says “Please sit with me”, on the Ruth Waterhouse’s Tasmanian devil sculpture.

Have you ever come across those cute little Tasmanian devils at the Hobart Airport? Made in cast bronze by Curtis Hore, they are the creation of Tasmanian artist Ruth Waterhouse.

What makes these little devils so special is if you tickle them under their chins you will find the gentle bumps of A grade braille.

Each devil is saying something different which reflects each one’s unique and cheeky personality.

Ruth wanted to create something that was accessible for everyone. Ruth explains,

The little devil that is sitting on the suitcase growls “Please sit with me”!

So next time you visit Hobart airport give the devils a tickle under the chin and discover what the others are telling you!

If you know what the other devils are saying, post it to the VisAbility Tasmania Facebook page (link opens in new window) and Ruth may let you in on the secret!

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Artist Ruth Watherhouse checks out the Braille under the chin of the tasmanian devil sculpture at the airport.Tasmanian Devil sculpture at the Hobart Airport

Sculpture is tactile. Using braille is a way to encourage people to touch the sculpture. I wanted to have a bit of fun and include as many people from toddlers to adults to enjoy the sculptures.

All Images are courtesy of Ruth Waterhouse.