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VisAbility is a leading supplier of aids to daily living (ADL) for people with vision impairment. Our online shop provides the daily living aids and mobility solutions you need to live independently.

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Get the information and advice you need to choose and use the products that will enable you to embrace life on your terms. At home. At school. At work. In the community. Whatever everyday challenges you face.

Our range of products include:

Reading aids

Several types of aids are broadly categorised as reading aids for people living with low or no vision. These include:

Lamps and lighting (link opens in new window)

Increasing the amount of light is one of the best ways to immediately improve your ability to read printed material.

  • Ceiling lights provide an overall ambient light
  • Floor lamps also create an overall ambient light, but are usually free-standing on and can be positioned in different areas of a room to create more targeted areas of light.
  • Directional reading lamps usually include a moveable arm to direct light to a specific area. These can be floor or desk standing or even clip onto a book for highly focused light
  • Head lamps or torches, worn on the head with an elasticated band are useful if you are away from home.

Magnifiers (link opens in new window)

  • Handheld magnifiers are lightweight, popular and easy to use
  • Freestanding or desktop magnifiers enable you to undertake tasks without needing to hold the magnifier in your hand
  • Illuminated magnifiers can be either handheld or desktop. They are combined with a light, which casts directly on a focal area, without creating shadows

Large print items (link opens in new window)

Large print helps to increase reading ability if you live with low or no vision. Large print is more than just printed material, with a number of commercially-available products including:

  • Big button telephones
  • Large print watches
  • Big button tv remote control
  • Large print digital timer

Other print items available include:

  • Large print crossword book
  • Large print sudoku puzzle book

Talking watches and clocks (link opens in new window)

At the push of a button, the time, date, day, month and year are spoken aloud to you. Some models have additional alarm functionality to remind you of events.

Kitchen equipment, dining and cooking aids (link opens in new window)

Many gadgets and aids are available to help people living with low vision to live independently and safely prepare and cook meals.

These include:

  • Digital liquid level indicators (to prevent burns if using hot liquids)
  • Talking kitchen scales
  • Cutting/chopping aids

Guide Dogs TAS merchandise (link opens in new window)


  • Plush toys
  • Tea towels
  • Tote bags
  • Greeting cards

Games and activities (link opens in new window)

Equipment and games for people living with vision impairment including:

  • Braille board games
  • Braille playing cards
  • Large print games
  • Wooden puzzles for vision impaired children
  • Ball with bells inside – soccer, goalball or cricket balls

Browse our products online from the comfort of your home. Let us help make life’s challenges easier for you.

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