Say Hello Campaign

Say Hello!

White Cane Day is on the 15th of October and every year, VisAbility Tasmania dedicates the month to creating more inclusive and supportive communities for people living with low or no vision.

Blindness is a spectrum and each person’s experience of blindness is unique. A variety of eye conditions, genetic disorders, congenital blindness, as well as aging or suffering an injury, can interfere with healthy vision.

There are many mobility aids available to assist people with low or no vision travel independently and feel safer navigating their local communities. One of the most recognisable mobility aids for people with low or no vision, is a long (or white) cane.

When you see someone using a long cane, or any mobility device, please say hello, and behave just as you would around anyone else. We’re all different and unique. These differences might mean some additional support is required, but embracing diversity, understanding another’s perspective, and caring about the people in our community is something to be celebrated.

This clever animation was created by graphic and motion design student, Hilary Edmiston.  Please share this far and wide!

We have developed resources for bus companies, cafés and restaurants to help support someone with low or no vision. There are also links to support tourism operators and small businesses.

Thank you for helping create a supportive and engaging community, and a greater sense of belonging for everyone.



Factsheets and links

Resources for bus services (downloadable PDF)

Resources for bus services (accessible version)

Resources for cafe’s / restaurants (downloadable PDF)

Resources for cafe’s / restaurants (accessible version)

Sighted Guide information (downloadable PDF)

Resources for tourism operators (links to the Tourism Tasmania website)

Resources for small businesses (downloadable PDF created by the Department of State Growth)



Download and print the poster (A3 or A4) here

Social Tiles

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