Move with Mim

Physiotherapist Mim, is part of our amazing team at the Kites Children’s Therapy Centre (link opens in new window) She works primarily with children with disability to help them move and do things they have difficulty accomplishing. Therefore her sessions are always fun, and always play based.

Physio Mim at the Children’s Therapy Centre in Bellerive. Photo by Fiona Harding
Mim’s assessments include:
  • walking and movement 
  • ball skills and balance 
  • awareness of body in space
  • muscle and joint function

Sometimes it’s exercise and play like hoola hooping or balancing that an individual needs or sometimes It’s other things like a splint or shoes. These help children to engage with the rest of their friends. As a result, Physiotherapy helps people do the same things their peers are doing, so they can continue to be social.

What is the best thing about being a Physiotherapist?

Seeing people do stuff they never thought they could do! I work with children a lot, until they are 6 or 7 years old during the pivotal developmental years, and check on them throughout their lives.

Physio Mim

Has the NDIS made a difference?

The NDIS has helped so many clients. They now have access to the funds to gain the therapy they need. Consequently, before NDIS I would only see this person once a month now I can see them once a week to help with their ongoing development.

Physio Mim

Physiotherapy can benefit anyone who has difficulties with their physical skills.

Why your child may see a Physiotherapist:

  • Problems with balance, posture, coordination and general motor skills.
  • Recovery after surgery to improve strength, movement, function and independence.
  • Developmental or physical disabilities like cerebral palsy or Down syndrome and chromosomal disorders.
  • Neurological or orthopaedic conditions.

Come and visit Mim at the centre in Bellerive. To make an appointment call (03) 6245 9232 or contact us