Chocolate & the NDIS: Why informed choices matter

Plate piled high with chocolate truffles of all kinds

“If you didn’t know that too much chocolate wasn’t good for you, how much and what type of chocolate would you eat? White chocolate? Dark chocolate? Any chocolate? You could say some people make an ‘informed choice’ to transition to dark chocolate, in an effort to eat less. But what is ‘informed choice’, and how does it relate not only to chocolate, but to the NDIS?

As we know, ‘choice and control’ is one of the fundamental pillars of the NDIS. Choice is a good thing, however, how are you supported to make good choices; whether choosing a provider, the type of services or supports or the location and frequency of those services?

You need information to make an ‘informed’ choice.

What information will help you make an informed choice? Firstly, you need to know all your options. Your NDIS Planner or Local Coordinator can provide the information. Secondly, you need to know what to ask.

Think about what is important to you, what your goals are and how you think you would get there. These questions might include:

  • How do the organisation’s values align with my own?
  • How does the service achieve positive outcomes for people with disability?
  • What practices or interventions are used and what evidence exist for these?
  • Where are services provided?
  • How are services provided?
  • How are person- or family-centred practices demonstrated?
  • How is the service or support value for money? Can the organisation provide examples?
  • What experience does the organisation have in enabling people with disability to achieve their goals?

Providers are essentially delivering the same product, whether it’s therapy or another service. So, by asking more ‘how’ questions – you’ll quickly learn what is the right fit for you.

I hope you feel empowered in finding quality services and supports from the wide range currently on offer. We can support you through this process. Contact us or call us on 1800 484 333.

Seb Della Maddalena
Manager Therapy and Support Services