New Program to Improve Access to Print Materials

A young girl and her Mother look closely at a mobile phone. The girl is reading is accessing a digital book.

It has just been announced that VisAbility is one of two service providers to be included in the Federal Government’s Print Disability Services Program for 2018-2021 (link opens in new window).

In the new program, the Federal Government is providing $5.7 million to produce alternative formats of printed and digital material to meet the needs of people living with a print disability.

This program sees the support and strengthening of VisAbility’s vision of independence for people living with disability, and more specifically, the improvement of Australians access to printed products.

VisAbility’s Accessible Information Services and Library Services currently provide a range of options for alternative materials. The funding will be used to support the growth and development of these services, ensuring the continued production and conversion of materials into Braille, large print, tactical graphics and e-text as well as audio files and DAISY readers.

The Federal Government recognises the need for the removal of barriers for people living with a print disability, increasing their ease of participation in the community and access to communication and information.

“The Print Disability Services Program plays an integral part in our mission to shape a world where people with disability are given the same range of options, same level of freedom, and same control over their day-to-day life and decisions as any other person.” Said Kary Macliver, Executive Manager Client Services.

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