Jane enjoys her independence

Devonport local Jane Mignot lives with vision impairment and is a long-time VisAbility client. With the support and company of Jodi, her Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Jane has enjoyed many opportunities to enhance her mobility and independence.

Orientation and Mobility specialists support you to move through your environments safely and efficiently. Through orientation and mobility training, route training can help you can work out where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there.

During a recent orientation and mobility training session, Jane and Jodi crossed the Mersey River aboard the Torquay ferry to try an alternate form of public transport, and to learn some new skills. Jane described the experience as fun, and highly recommends ferry travel!

“I encourage all people who are blind or have low vision to keep up your skills and goals.”

Jodi and Jane have formed a close working relationship over the years. “My experience with Jodi is that she enjoys her job, she has time, patience and care for her clients,” says Jane. “By working together on goals and accessing the community with orientation and mobility, I have achieved a lot in that time, and Jodi has been a great benefit to my life.”

Jane also receives support from VisAbility in using Assistive Technology, and says “I have gained more confidence and independence, learning new technology devices which assist me in my daily life.”

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