New team leader for VisAbility Tasmania

A woman and a man in a restaurant with a braille menu
Vaughn Bennison (right) with Simone McWlilliams who he will be filling in for as VisAbility Tasmania’s team leader.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Vaughn Bennison who is joining the VisAbility family.

From the airwaves

You may recognise Vaughn’s voice from Print Radio Tasmania (link opens in new window), Blind Citizens Australia’s new Horizons weekly radio program, and various┬áBlind Citizens of Australia events.

Vaughn will be filling the role of VisAbility Tasmania’s team leader while Simone McWilliams is away. Vaughn comes to us from Print Radio Tasmania, where he served as Manager for nearly eight years. Print Radio Tasmania provides information for the 24 per cent of people across Tasmania who have a Print Disability, and therefore cannot read normally printed material. He has managed a team of up to 110 staff and volunteers, and has extensive experience in the broadcast industry, the disability sector and particularly Assistive Technology.

Family man

Vaughn has been blind since birth, and lives in South Hobart with his wife Emma, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Blind Citizens Australia (link opens in new window) and two children. He loves technology, music and reading. Vaughn brings first-hand experience of blindness to VisAbility Tasmania’s team, and has a strong belief in creating active partnerships within the community and particularly with clients and people with a disability.

“My experience in broadcasting tells me that listening is 95 per cent of any relationship”, Vaughn said recently.

“By listening to our community we can gather information about issues which are important and can develop strategies and priorities for the future which meet peoples’ needs.

Vaughn Bennison

I am really thrilled to be joining VisAbility, because it will allow me to have a direct impact on peoples’ lives, and hopefully to build capacity within Tasmania’s blind and vision impaired community.”

If you would like more information on how VisAbility can better assist you, or if you would like to join the Client & Carer Reference Group call 1800 484 333.