Song Bird

SA woman flicks through record albums.ongstress Kirby Harris has spent her life singing. Since the age of 14 the talented musician has performed in various events from in front of crowds of thousands to just a few.

Kirby now 31 believes that it is 20% talent and 80% work. Originally trained as a classical vocalist, Kirby is influenced by what she calls an Americana style.

Building confidence

The orientation and mobility training Kirby has received from VisAbility has helped her confidence in her every day life.

Confidence in O&M has helped to give me confidence in my singing. Learning to walk on my own again has helped me have confidence in my music.

I look at confidence like it is this big circle.

“Music brings me therapy, sanity and colour. Colour for a blind person no matter how you get it is invaluable. People have religion I have my art and my music. I get a giving and receiving feeling when I am performing

Kirby Harris

Celebrating Achievements

It is small steps at first but if you can master walking that one block or 5 blocks to where you have to be and if you can get back well, whilst it may seem like a small achievement to those who are more independent than you. Small achievements are worth celebrating.

If you can’t celebrate those small achievements then how can you celebrate any large achievements with any conviction?

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