VisAbility’s newest kid on the block

A woman smiling and opening a door
Everyone is welcome at VisAbility’s Children’s Therapy Centre

Meet Ashley, our new Occupational Therapist at our Children’s Therapy Centre in Hobart.

Ashley has studied and practiced both in Australia and the United States, and has always had an interest working with children.

After her registration as an Occupational Therapist, she worked with Neurological and Physical Ability Centre in Los Angeles where she assisted with OT interventions for children with developmental delays and neurological impairments.

Ashley has recently been working as a community based Occupational Therapist and returns to work again with children, at our sister organisation, Kites Children’s Therapy Centre (link opens in new window).

Five ways a Pediatric Occupational Therapist can assist your child:

  1. Become independent – this can be done by managing routines through visual schedules to develop routines.
  2. Manage emotions – help your child to identify how they feel and develop a strategy on what they can do when those feelings arise.
  3. Fine motor skills development – work on hand writing (school aged children), open containers, zippers, buttons etc.
  4. Have the same experiences as other children – develop social skills through practicing turn taking and sharing.
  5. Enjoy moving and playing – we provide a safe environment for your child to explore doing things without hurting themselves and give feedback to parents.

If you live with vision impairment, we have a range of services designed to offer support to live independently including Orientation and Mobility (O & M), Assistive Technology and more. Contact us for more information.